About Us

The Portuguese Experience project, arose from the desire of a young couple, Sara and Luis, to bring to light the best that an AL could offer to all lovers of this tourism.

Casa de São João, in Areia Branca Beach, was the first step to truly realize their dream, which would come true with the Casa do Quebra Costas in Torres Vedras.

The dedication combined with their experience in the hospitality area, has made this couple of enthusiasts in love with AL, create a comfortable and welcoming environment, motivated by the same philosophy: that everyone feels at home ...

The welcome received motivated them in every space, where every detail has been thought out to the smallest detail. Each apartment and room,, has been treated as unique ... Each decorative object, handpicked.

"This was a personal project, designed with passion and dedication. We want every person who visits us to feel unique, to feel that we care about them and their comfort .... Anyway, feel at home "

Sara and Luis