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Casa de São João

House of Jigsaw Costas Torres Vedras

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What our guests say

"Very nice stay. We enjoyed the decor. "

Manuela, 08/07/19

"Nicely decorated space and super clean. efficient and very sympathetic reception. "

Lorenia, 06/08/19

«Location and style was great.»

Kristina, 19/06/19

"The location of the future under is very good, below the castle and a few. Distance to the center. "

Harmut, 04/06/19

«The place was very clean and beautiful.»

Martina, 13/05/19

"Contact very nice and easy. Downtown. "

Joris, 03/05/19

"Quiet and very welcoming. Great location. "

Helena, 29/04/19

«Super comfortable house, with all the necessary amenities. We were very well received. Perfect house and very central. "

Sara, 09/04/19

"Cleaning and position."

Maximum, 21/03/19

"The warm welcome and be able to go to the beach walk. The cleanliness of housing. "

Véronique, 24/09/19

«(…) the space is beautiful , clean and well maintained. both enjoyed, easily come back. "

Ana Thomas, 18/02/19

"Accommodation fantastic. the decorative details and the room itself were snuggled. »

Nina, 17/03/19


Francisco 22/02/19
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